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What is Higher Mind Health?

What is Higher Mind Health?

Each of us has a higher and lower mind. The lower mind sees and registers something as a problem, it acts as a feedback system which tells us something is wrong. Yet the slippery territory of the lower mind, only focuses on the problem and puts great energy into being overwhelmed and weighted down by the challenge.

You know you are imprisoned by the perceptions of your lower mind when you are mentally stewing and revolving around a problem over and over again, holding on with grit determination and being emotionally run and attached to your story.

But the good news is – equal to the challenge, is equal to the hidden and purposeful opportunity in your life – which your higher mind has access to.

Each individual has a higher mind. Your higher mind is able to perceive the larger story, it is able to wisely tap into cause and effect – to see the sequence of meaning and purpose that challenge creates in your life. Accessing your higher mind is accessing your true north, your inner compass, your power, your purpose, and your highest spiritual expression.

You higher mind has the answers to your questions, the solutions to your problems, the wisdom to your chaos, and the purpose within your challenges. Your higher mind is one of your most valuable assests and is available to you at all times.

Higher Mind Health will bring a new, in-depth and rich understanding of how your mind and psyche works, what common Achilles Heal pitfalls the mind can get trapped in, why the lower mind is so powerful, how your system actually recognizes and responds to a conflict before it even happens and why this makes it very difficult to stay conscious through a challenge.

Watch this space and follow along if you would like to go on a journey into the rabbit hole of the human-mind-body-spirit complex and discover that healing and wisdom can not only be achieved by understanding the mind, but also in understanding how the body effects the mind through storing unprocessed stress and trauma from the past through its physiological cellular memory, nervous system and biological response to stress. To better understand yourself as the highly complex interconnected magnificent system that you are – Higher Mind Health’s purpose is to empower you with knowledge and translate up to date research so that you can begin to understand how to navigate through the illusions and tricks of the lower mind to the inspiring, purposeful and powerful realm of your higher mind – your spirit.

I look forward to this exciting journey with you! Please feel free to contribute your own insights and questions as we journey into the known and mystery together. ~ Bella

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