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Oprah & Tony Robbins Share Inspirational Stories of How Pain Purposefully and Positively Shaped Their Lives.

How can you connect to how pain positively impacted your life?

To more easily understand how pain purposefully and positively impacted your life, it is helpful to have the perspective that you have a higher mind and a lower mind. Your lower mind is the oldest part of your brain and it is survival based – and it has a default strategy that reacts and focuses its attention mostly on the challenging story in your life – often seeing aspects of life as painful, hard and unfair. This is the part of your thinking that can get caught in mental stewing for hours and hours because it has a emotionally charged story that you are very identified with. Unfortunately, this story also runs an individual mentally and emotionally taking up hours, days, weeks, months or even years – replaying the same saga over and over again. Your lower mind creates a great deal of stress in your life causing health problems, lack of vitality, strife and discord in personal relationships, and an overall heaviness you have to carry each day.

Your higher mind, on the other hand, is the most evolved part of your brain and it awakens you to higher levels of understanding and consciousness and has access to observing the healing order of cause and effect in your life in a very profound way. The higher mind see’s the higher spiritual purpose in your life and meaningful links between challenging events and the higher opportunity concealed within them – as well as the ripple effect of meaning that was created the moment a challenge occurred in your life. Your higher mind can help you glimpse a profound and beautifully orchestrated reality, giving you access to understanding of why something has happened. Because the truth is, within your greatest challenges in life past and present, are links to your highest expression and fulfilling purpose.

In essence your lower mind sees the problem and orbits around a repeating pain – causing suffering.

Your higher mind focuses on the solution and transforms pain into purpose – causing healing and tranformation.

One must experience and see these links in his or her own life, to genuinely know the truth of what I am presenting; however, I came across a wonderful interview between Oprah and Tony Robbins, where they both demonstrate this link of cause and effect beautifully. Together they poetically share how one of their greatest childhood challenges, helped awaken them to one of their most fulfilling causes and purpose in life.

If your country blocks you from watching the video above here is an alternative of the same video. (You know who you are in London town for letting me know! Much appreciated! x)

It is not what happens to you, it is how you perceive what has happened to you – and most importantly what you do with what has happened to you.

You have a story of past challenges, that are in truth linked to a specific and joyful purpose in your life. The ability of your higher mind is to connect the healing dots of cause and effect in your life, and access a fulfilling and powerful force lying dormant within you.

It is liberating and healing to find the gifts hidden within your greatest challenges.

“Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth.

Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” ~ Noela Evans


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