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Stop The Burnout Cycle And Change Your Life…


The pressure to be highly productive and effective admits the rigorous demands of the fast-paced world is not surprisingly leading to a common state of burnout.

I decided to dig a little deeper after seeing a repeating pattern with my female clients. I interviewed women from many different walks of life and it didn’t matter if is she was a busy business woman or a full-time stay at home mom there was a common cycle of stress that went a something like this:


The Burnout Cycle


This month will be a series of posts and videos talking about how to stop this self-defeating cycle. In the first segment of this series we’ll look at the cycle more closely because I want you to get really clear of how this might be impacting your life in ways you didn’t know.

First you have to make the unconscious conscious – then you can take steps to change your habits and then your life:



If you ever feel you get caught in this frustrating cycle please share your experience in the comments below and take the 1st step to RELEASE it!

Don’t hold it in and repress it. Own it. Then release.

This will not only help you it will also help others. We hide our vulnerabilities … which is really a shame because then we’d all realize we are not alone in feeling these challenges (and stop being so hard on ourselves) and know it is really all okay!! We can make progress together.


“Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” ~ Hippocrates


Hope this was helpful!


Bella xo

Artist: Gina Jrel
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  1. This makes a lot of sense to me. I try to do my best and have a positive attitude but sometimes I just get so beat down that I feel like all I want to do is give up (even though I don’t). I am really hard on myself sometimes!! Looking forward to learning more. Thx

    • We’ve all been there Valerie! That is what this series is going to be about at the core – finding a way for you to not be hard on yourself … while also getting more done, feeling healthier and enjoying your life much more richly in the process. Excited to share with you more next week! xo

  2. The cycle is vicious! I think noticing when number one starts is so important. I find taking a deep breath and writing a list of everything I want to accomplish gives me a chance to see everything on paper and then prioritize and take action step by step. Thanks for the post, Bella!

    • So true Erin catch it before the energy sweeps you off and you feel like you are running all day. Next couple of weeks we’ll go into more of what fuels this other than the obvious. Great strategy to prioritize! Calms the monkey mind down!

  3. Totally have an issue with always wanting to do too much all the time and wanting it finished yesterday.

    I’m naturally interested in a lot of things, so among trying to keep all my interests afloat, building my business up, trying to eat and excercise well I find I have a lot of days where I just fall into complete lethargy and get almost nothing done.

    I don’t think I’ve ever gotten completely burnt out, but my energy levels vary greatly, spiking in super-productive days where I do a week’s worth of work in a day and days where getting dressed and showering are the height of my productivity!

    • Love your humor Ffion! I am sure many can relate with you – the super-productive days followed by noductive ones. The high productivity times are great and you feel great and then of course when you hit the wall and get nothing done you can be hard on yourself making life’s journey an up and down one, especially if you are building your own business. We’ll look at the fuel that fires both ends of the spectrum next week and strategies to feel great while being very productive consistently. Thanks for your comments lovely!

  4. Ah yes, the burnout cycle! I’ve never experienced it (sarcastically of course: the burnout cycle and I have had a very intimate relationship over the years). The thing that has been the most helpful for me is to practice staying present in the moment. When I get stuck in the past or get sucked into worrying about the future, it’s all over. I practice being aware of what I feel like in my present body to catch myself before I get into the burnout cycle (because once it starts, it’s a bit of a runaway train)!

    • Love this Audrey thanks for sharing! You are right it is so valuable to come into the present and be the observer. This definitely helps me tap into a calm space and flow with my day rather then be caught in the hectic race. It also helps me feel anchored in the awareness of how life truly is a rare and remarkable gift.

  5. Wao!!! I have been experiencing anxiety since I can remember. I am now 44 years old and it has been about five years or so that I have come to understand anxiety as such. Between anxiety, depression, doctors, pills, therapy throughout the years, I just relied on the fix, not to understand what was really going on and why.
    Many times my best friend had told me you fill yourself with things, get overwhelmed and then crash. I rationally knew this but never sat down to see it as a cycle the way it is presented here.
    Again, this has been my lifestyle since forever. My anxiety has reached its highest to the point that is not panic attacks once in a while, but a generalized anxiety all the time. It is a horrible feeling.
    I am so looking forward in learning how to break this cycle and to be able to fully enjoy whatever I do. Every single word in this video speaks to me. Thanks.


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