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Science Proves Your Mind Can Heal Your Body + A Bonus Magic Trick

Ground breaking research in recent decades has shown that the human mind has a powerful capacity to heal the body.

Scientists unintentionally stumbled upon this fact when they were testing pharmaceutical drugs against dummy drugs—also known as placebos. (Many have heard of placebos, but for a quick refresher a placebo is typically a sugar pill or saline solution that is used in medical trials to test against the effectiveness of a ‘real’ drug.) Scientists began to scratch their heads when mysteriously the placebo drug (that was not suppose to have any healing effects) would suddenly produce spontaneous healing in their patients.

By chance, researchers uncovered something for us much more powerful then the effectiveness of medication, they uncovered the power of the human mind and our innate power to heal ourselves.

When individuals believed they were taking the ‘real’ medicine—consistently again and again, in trial after trail—a high percentage of individuals healed.

With the invention of brain-imaging technology the scientific understanding of the placebo effect has increased tremendously and with it new discoveries are revealing that human consciousness plays an vital role in the equation of health and healing.

Even more remarkable was the discovery that people don’t just feel better (it’s not all in our heads)—brain-imaging reveals that the brain lights up and actually produces chemicals—and in some cases produces chemicals that were impaired in individuals with different diseases:

Research now shows that when we believe that we are taking a drug but its really a placebo, the brain lights up as if we really were taking the drug and produces its own natural chemicals. This has recently been shown with Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease arise from impaired production of a substance called dopamine in part of the brain. This affects movement. Research has shown that Parkinson’s patients given a placebo but told that it is an anti-Parkinson’s drug are able to move better. Brain scans have shown that the brain is activated in the area that controls movement and dopamine is actually produced. The improved movement is not just a ‘psychological’ thing. It is a physical response of dopamine in the brain.  (How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body)

The author Dawson Church of The Genie in Your Genes stated, “Each of us holds the keys to a pharmacy containing a dazzling array of healing compounds: our own brain…Our brains are themselves generating drugs similar to those that the doctor is prescribing for us.”

Another study conducted in 1989 by Harvard scientists was designed to research how an individuals perception of being old affected his/her health, height and memory. A group of volunteers over the age of 70 went on a 10 day retreat in an environment that was recreated to mirror 1959. Participants were asked to act like it really was 1959 and to converse on current affairs from that time. They also played music, wore clothes and watched TV programs all from the 1950s.

The results were quite profound:

At the start the scientists took a host of physiological measurements, including height, finger length, strength, mental cognition and eyesight. After ten days in the center, they took those measurements again and discovered that the volunteers had gotten physiologically younger by several years just by acting as though they were younger. They grew taller, their fingers grew longer, they had improved mental functions and their eyesight had improved. Some of the volunteers had become mentally and physiologically younger by 25 years. (How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body)

I want to make this conversation tangible for you—so below is a short video with a fun magic trick that can help you prove to yourself your ability to impact your body simply through the power of your mind. (The visualization is easy and takes about 30-60 seconds).

Activating our innate healing energy is a vital resource that we all have within ourselves. If your hand did not grow on the first try don’t get discouraged. Try again! Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to learn how to do something you’ve never done before.

If you have any questions or have a particular health problem you can leave a comment below and I’ll share with you 40+ years of research regarding the underlying stress connected to your particular health problem. If you found this article helpful and think it would benefit someone you love please share it with your amigos.


Bella xo

Take what resonates and leave the rest. 🙂


Bella 11If you are interested in learning more about the wisdom of your body and how you can self-heal, my book The Anxiety Solution was written to help bridge the gap between anxiety, health, science and consciousness. In my book you will learn that anxiety is not a weakness or mistake of your body, rather that your symptoms are a specific biological response to stress trapped in your body and mind. Using the tools I give you—you will no longer have to feel powerless or panicked fearing that you will have to cope with anxiety for the rest of your life, rather you will be guided to investigate and uncover why you have anxiety in the first place and what you can do about it. If you would like to work with me personally you can set up a 15 minute complimentary consult by clicking HERE.


Hamilton, D. R. (2008) How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body) London, UK: Hay House UK.


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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could tell the underlying problem with my health concern. I just woke up one day 2 years ago with panic attacks & exhaustion. Now I have so many random symptoms like hairloss, ringing in ear, eye imbalances, etc. I have no idea what particular thing is causing all this, maybe adrenal exhaustion or hormonal imbalance.?

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Did anything occur that was stressful or out of the ordinary just before waking up with panic attacks? On a scale of 1-10 how were your stress levels? Lastly, were you on any rigorous diet or workout routine?


    • Hi,
      About a month or 2 ago I had a a random migraine that hit me for about a day I had a awful headache where all I could do is lay in bed. A few days later I felt dizzy and weird and sort of not myself. Then one day I started to have crazy heart palpitations out of nowhere and I felt sizzy and light headed like I was going to pass out. Ever since I’ve been checked out with blood work and my heart and everything’s fine. I apparently have anxiety but it doesn’t make sense how it could cause theses things out of nowhere? I feel light headed, heart races, out of breath, and my vision and thoughts get fuzzy I just haven’t felt happy or myself since

      • Thanks for your comment.

        It sounds like you may have had a panic attack or are experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I specialize in anxiety and I would say that although it may appeared out of nowhere it has probably been building for awhile—and a stress small or large tipped it over the scales and your body had a strong reaction.

        Getting light headed, heart racing, and brain fog can be linked to adrenal fatigue. This can also show up with individuals who are pushing themselves extremely hard with work and never taking sufficient time to fully rest, and/or having an intense workout regime while trying to follow a strict diet. All of this combined can cause many health problems similar to what you are describing. If you are interested in learning more I’d suggest contacting me for a free consult—that way I could help you pin down exactly what is going on from a mindbody level.

  3. Hi Bella, I had my baby last Jan n a few days later I was unable to walk. Now after almost a year n continual physiotherapy I have just started walking but with much discomfort. Doctors say both my hip joints are damaged n I need hip replacement surgery. Is there any way I can cure myself with my mind?

  4. Hi Maryanne,

    Thanks for your question. You sound like a very courageous person.

    A few questions:

    How did your birth go? Was it stressful? Did you get an epidural?

    Was there a great deal of stress prior to your delivery? Anything you felt that you couldn’t stand or walk through (too much to handle)?

    Did you have hip pain prior to giving birth?

    There is scientific proof that your mind can heal your body – so yes you can work with visualization as well as doing deep self-healing work to resolve stress and trauma trapped in your body connected to your physical symptoms.

  5. Hi. My mom has back problems, she has to take a lot of medicine, can you please tell me how can she heal herself?

    • Hi Baciu,

      Thank you for your question Baciu.

      Back pain can be linked to mental and emotional stress associated with devaluing ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) through shame or guilt about something or many things where we feel like a failure, struggle with regret, don’t feel good enough, etc. With shame and guilt it is often something we don’t want anyone to see or even for ourselves to see so we repress it or numb it out, but the core integrity of our spine takes on our stress and reflects this back to us through our physiology.

      Our bodies can not lie. They are one of our greatest teachers showing us through symptoms what we need to heal on the deepest level.

      When we are unduly hard on ourselves on a core level this self-devaluation can weaken our joints, nerves, muscles and bones. In META-Health there is actually cell minus in the stress phase. If we are feeling stress on a core-identity level this will effect our back.

      Additionally, on a deep level we can be disowning the fundamental value of our true light, love and worth of our Souls.

      A few questions for you:

      Is your mom open to spiritual work? Is she actively trying to heal herself?

      Is she addicted to pain medication?

      I know how you feel wanting to help your mom. I had a family member who suffered a lot of pain as well and it took me a long time to learn a very important lesson—it was not my responsibility to heal or fix my loved one. That was my loved ones full choice and responsibility, and wether this person healed or not this did not reflect my value or effectiveness in life.

      I was good enough no matter if they were happy, sad or struggling greatly. I could be peaceful and happy even if they weren’t. I learned to detach with love.

      I share that because many of my clients also take on the stress and pain of their loved ones and deep down carry feelings of anxiety and stress of not being able to make someone better, but this doesn’t help anyone—especially the person they are trying to help.

      If this strikes a chord with you on any level, then I’d invite you to spend sacred time focusing on yourself and explore your level of self-love and self-care. It is very important to take care of yourself first, fill up doing things that make you happy and strengthen your sense of health, joy and vitality in life. Doing this will help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and it will also help you to be powerful and strong to authentically love your mom unconditionally on her good days or bad days (or if she is addicted to pain medication).

      Detaching with love means we honor that although our loved ones are struggling they have their own sacred path in life that is perfect for them—even in their struggle and even if we can’t understand it.

      I practice sending a prayer for their highest good and then I let go.

      Make sense?

      You might have gotten a much bigger answer than you expected : )



  6. Wow, this is an incredible discovery! I think it’s awesome that your mind is capable of healing your body. Now that you mention it though, it makes perfect sense! I would love to learn more about how to heal my body. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Hi Mia,

    Great question!

    There are so many things you can do. One is learning about META-Health and how specific types of stress create different diseases in the body. The second step is resolving the stress associated with your symptoms.

    Best way I have found to clear accumulated stress in your body is to learn and grow from it. It is not what happens to you it is how you perceive what happens to you – which means stress can be resolved through wisdom and expanding your perception of the greater purpose within your life and pain. Without question our greatest pain and struggles simultaneously hold invaluable lessons for us – healing ourselves is awakening to the hidden purpose within our lives. When you do that you dissolve the problem and turn your stress into one of your greatest strengths mentally, emotional and spiritually – and this simultaneously will help your body heal and return to equilibrium.

    Because it is an inside out approach and you are working on shifting deeply engrained limiting and stressful belief patterns – it is a process but a life-changing one! : )

    My book The Anxiety Solution will help if you have anxiety, adrenal fatigue or burnout or just general stress. It will guide you to the core root of why you have anxiety and the second half there is a work book to help you dissolve the stress connected to your symptoms. You can also read David Hamilton’s book – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body for more about visualizations. If you are wanting specifics on different ailments check out: META-Health Decoding Your Body’s Intelligence, Healing Psyche : The Patterns in Psychological Cancer Treatment, Why Am I Sick and Decoding Pain.

    Have fun working with the power and magnificence of your human body – it is one of the greatest gifts you will ever be given! 🙂

  8. I watched the video and thought “yeah right….” Then I rewatched it to do the trick and omg. The difference in size was so noticeable I had to double check. Insane. Thanks for this article!!

  9. Fab Claudia glad you liked it 🙂

  10. Hi Bello.
    Great video. I do believe our mind can heal our bodies. I also believe audio sounds and vibrations that we can listen to may have an effect on the natural hormones that we produce in our bodies. Sometimes when I don’t want to reach for medicine to relieve me of migraines I often listen to binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc and 99% of the time I notice a drastic improvement.

    What are your thoughts on this topic and have you heard from others who have experience with sound therapy to help the body heal?

    I thank you for any feedback.

    • Hi Zarida,

      Love this! Yes I love sound vibrational healing. It is very powerful. Often many who have had anxiety also have a very sensitive nervous systems so we respond to this type of therapy very well.

      I have never thought of using it for migraines – thank you for sharing this! I can see it helping quite profoundly…I will pass that along to others to try.

      Have you heard of Sacred Acoustics? I found their meditations to be profoundly powerful. I was fortunate to take a workshop with Eben Alexander (the neurosurgeon who had a near death experience). He previously believed that consciousness was created by the brain until he had such a powerful, life-changing spiritual experience. He should have died or lived the rest of his in an unconscious state – but instead he made a full recovery. Much of his experience in the afterlife was through sounds – sounds and tones that were beautiful beyond earthly conception.

      His work and the work he is doing with Sacred Acoustics is awesome.

  11. Dear Bella,

    I love your article!This is what I’ve been saying to myself despite what the majority believe in..I knew deep inside that all of us are blessed with this divine power..i have a question though.I have problems with my hair and now i shave my head to solve it..not that i’m complaining coz’ everybody says i look good with the’s just that i’m wondering, can my problem be solved with this?

    Just so you know,i am quite well versed in the law of attraction and it made me think actually..almost all my uncles have hair loss problem and since i was a kid my family members kept on saying it was in our family’s DNA and stuff..even though it was not my intention to give energy to that thought but it was there..buried,well kept and once and a while resurface..can i undo the damage?Or what i really want to know, is it possible to really “do” the so called “undoable”?

    Hope my way of putting it into sentence is not that confusing..thanks in advance Bella =D

    • Hi Zulqarnain,

      Interesting about your family lineage and possible epigenetic component. Research shows that 5% of disease-related gene mutations are fully penetrant – meaning that you can’t stop them. (Like the gene Angelina Jolie has.)

      In terms of hair loss and physical features – I don’t know the statistics on this – you might want to google epigenetic on hair loss and see what comes up – as the unconscious belief might be when I grow up I will loose my hair like all the men in my family.

      I believe that our conscious intent within our biology has unlimited possibilities. Science and different self-healing modalities are revealing this in ever increasing ways.

      Maybe play around with it – do some visualizations and see what you get 🙂

      Give it 1-3 months of visualization in the morning and evening with 100% absolute belief that you can see, feel and touch hair on your head. Feel it growing. What color is it? How does it make you feel?

      But first and foremost do it with self-love and be gentle on yourself.

  12. Hey Bella! The hand growth was so cool! Ok, so I got a cut on my left thumb, and I feel like its not healing. The skin has gotten a bit callused too, coz of the bandage. I really want to heal my thumb, I want it to be perfect again, like it was before the incident. Could you please help me?

    • Hi Trace,

      Great question! My advice is have fun and be creative. In Dr. Hamilton’s book he writes about a man who had a horrible accident with a double decker bus and was unable to walk. For months he visualized little men working to heal his internal structure and even had them sand down the rough breaks in his bones. Later his doctor said looking at an x-ray that it looked like the bones had been sanded down and were smooth…this man ran the marathon the following year. One of the most important things is to deeply commit and believe in the power of your mind body connection – believe that your visualization works.

  13. Thanks for the information. I think it’s awesome that our minds are able to heal our bodies. The mind is such a powerful tool, so it’s no surprise that it has healing capabilities. I would love to be able to heal my heart, body, and soul. Do you have tips on how to do that?

    • Hi Irena,

      So true our minds are incredibly powerful. Healing your heart, body and Soul is a beautiful, life-changing question. One that I have dedicated my life to finding profound and effective techniques to. It is also a very in-depth answer…my advice is to get my book The Anxiety Solution (even if you don’t have anxiety 3/4 is applicable to everyone interested in the self-healing process). I share the best of what I have learned in the past 15 years being in the healing arts. It will go very deep into answering your question – one in which you will find that your Soul’s purpose is key piece in helping to heal your bodymind. Great question lovely! If you want to check out my book and read the reviews click the link below.

      • Hi Bella, I live in London in the UK, and suffered a relatively minor stroke this time last year which affected my left arm and hand. I have regained much of it back, and now able to drive my manual sports car with the aid of a steering spinner. I kept visualising myself driving it. Still working on my hand, though. Doctors say that once the brain cells die they can’t recover, but other parts of your brain take over. Do you think visualisation can help cells to grow back? I know have been very lucky, and made an amazing recovery, and very thankful.

        • Hi Kathy!

          It sounds like you are making an amazing recovery! Well done lovely! To continue I would definitely visualize yourself driving the way that you want to drive. Feel it in your body 100%. Feel how amazing and empowering it feels in the present moment. What we know for sure is that our bodies have out proven science many times…so the impossible has proven to be possible. And yes the brain can rewire itself – so my thoughts are do what feels best for you in your visualization process. You can picture little workers helping your brain to be rewired or light filling new life in damaged cells – essentially anything that works for you. Creativity and visualization is your own self-healing power so you want to do what feels good for you. I’d recommend reading Dr. Hamilton’s book for success stories or see him when he comes to London. Additionally you can say affirmations that are in the present: I drive perfectly using both hands. My left hand is full of life strong and healthy…play around with whatever feels good and true for you.

  14. how can I heal my scars?

    • I’d suggest getting creative … how would you heal your scars visually? If you had tiny workers – what would they be doing? You might also want to find and work with a massage therapist who is trained in Myofascial Release who can help you break down the scar tissue.

  15. Hi Bella! I’m at my wits end, after seeing countless doctors and going on numerous hospital trips, nobody can find an answer to my illness. I’ve had constant nausea and abdominal pain every single second of the day for the past two months, nobody seems to know the cause and it’s really getting me down. I’ve been getting into meditation, positive thinking and listening to lots of binaural beats and soothing music, but don’t often see any effect. Would you be able to reccomend anything to try? I wouldn’t say I’m overly stressed or anxious, only besides worrying what this pain could be! Any help or advice would be great! Thank you

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your question. Sounds like you are going through a lot – sending you strength. Curious what happened around or just before your abdominal pain started? Did you experience a stressful event? Did anything happen to you or your loved ones that was unexpected, dramatic or very stressful? Is the pain coming from your stomach? If so the mindbody connection from a META-Health perspective of stomach can be: Inability to digest stress related to yourself, loved ones, friends, co-workers, boss, etc. Let me know what organ is causing you physical pain and I can give you info regarding the mental and emotional stress possibly connected to it.

      Also what is going on with your diet? Are you eating healthy? Were you/are you drinking caffeine or alcohol? Have you been tested for any allergies to food?

      • Hi Bella, thanks for the reply! I don’t think I was abnormally stressed around that time, although some things have been worrying me at home. After my countless doctors trips I’ve been told a number of things it could be, such as Crohn’s disease, IBS/ IBD, colitis, coeliac, and the most recent diagnosis is simply a stomach bug that’s been with me for just over two months! (Which I find difficult to believe)

        My diet is average, I try and eat well but often slip up and fall into junk food habits, occasionally drink tea/ coffee, rarely drink soda.

        It’s just the constant nausea, irregular bowel movements and lower abdominal cramps that I don’t understand. And seemingly nobody else does either, haha. Nothing makes sense! After all the medicines I’ve tried, I’m hoping I’ll have more luck down an alternative route.

        Sorry for maybe TMI, but thanks for any help!

        • The large intestine can be linked to stress around resentment and anger. Try and be transparent – is there an area (s) of your life where you are internally struggling with or repressing indigestible anger? (This can also be an accumulation of more than one thing – unresolved stress can add up considerably. Is there something in your life you feel deep down was wrong? Unjust?

          I would definitely look into working with someone on your diet to help heal your digestion. Wonders can happen when you start consistently giving the body what it needs to help it heal itself. If you are as you say slipping into junk foods often – this could be causing a lot more problems then you may think – eating certain foods can cause emotional lows so working with someone to support you on this would be a good place to start. With diet I suggest not doing anything too extreme, but you do want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and have gotten great results helping others with the same problems you have.

          Your body is amazing and is a self-healing machine. It is talking to you. Look to healing major stressors in your life and look at food as your medicine.

  16. Respected
    I wanna grow some taller….as I am medium height person at the same time I want to have thick hair on my head….how can I achieve it through brain power

    • Hi Sam,

      I am not a tall person and use to try and make myself grow taller too. 🙂 Yet life changes in the most profound ways when you embrace yourself as you are and spend more time filling up with love and confidence on the inside. Your outer form then radiates this when you’ve connected with the light of who you really are, which is much more beautiful then anything the outside could ever compare to.

  17. Dear Bella,

    For many years now I developed a skin condition named Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis. Small white spots spreading over my arms, shoulders and legs. Doctors say it’s irreversable (sundamage and process of growing older.. Im in my early 30’s and have it for a long time). Also my skin freckles and spots a lot.. It kills my confidence and joy in life very deeply.. And now since a while I’m practicing visualisation to ease my mind and heal. But it’s so hard to believe without seeing anything change… Can you please help me out here? Do you think I can improve my condition?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Irem,

      For the possible mind-body-stress for the skin layers of the dermis and epidermis do either or both of these hit home on any level for you of stress you’ve experienced now or in the past?


      Brain Layer:
      Cerebral Cortex (-/+)


      Loss-of-touch, separation or wanting to be separated (not touched)

      Emotions and Thoughts:

      How I miss the touch! I want to feel her closely. She left me! I want to be left alone. I don´t want to feel this!


      I feel safe to be touched. I love to connect and touch others. I am emotionally independent and feel strong without them. I am provided with all the contact I need, and I can choose to whom and what I let contact happen. Now, I can play with contact and distance.


      Brain Layer:
      Cerebellum ( + / – )

      Stress -Emotions – Thoughts:

      Feeling deformed, defiled, disfigured, attacked, defaced or scarred. I don´t like my looks. She casted dirt on me. I lost my integrity. I don’t feel protected anymore. They attacked and ruined my reputation. I need to protect myself.


      Now, I can decide which contact is good and harmless to me. I am well-protected.

      The layers of your Integumentary System (skin) biologically respond to mental and emotional stress. To help your body self-heal reflect and see if you can identify stressors in your life that resonate with above examples. If so then you would want to work on resolving these pains/lessons. If possible it is best to work with someone to help you find the healing wisdom with these stressors. The META-Meanings given above for the dermis and epidermis are examples of shifts in your perception that evolve from pain/stress to wisdom/healing.

  18. I am so glad I found your site and as soon as I finish writing this, will be buying your book. I am settled in the knowledge that we can heal our bodies with our mind. A couple of years ago, I experienced gallstones and a couple of serious gallbladder attacks. I refused to let them take my gallbladder because I know I can heal it. I have gotten it somewhat under control (as in no attack in a year), but have yet to be successful in healing it completely. It has affected my weight in that I have gained about 40lbs and my liver is fatty. I know I can do this and something’s missing. I meditate, listen to binaural beats, treat with herbs and juicing and massage. Something is definitely missing though and I wonder if it could have something to do with my boyfriend who is filled with anxiety, worry and anger and is a chronic victim of the world. I am patient with him and he has grown in his beliefs and he has a long way to go. Could his vibrations and thoughts be having an effect on my body and health? We live together.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Good intuition! The mind-body-stress connection with the Gall Bladder from my training in META-Health is:


      Cerebral Cortex ( – / + ) for epithelium
      Midbrain (+/-) for smooth muscle layer

      Two possibilities:

      Territorial Anger with spouse, boss, neighbor, family, etc


      Female identity-conflict – Does not know where one belongs or where one is going or what decisions to make (decision-conflict). This conflict belongs to the territorial area of the left cerebral cortex in women and it may have a sexual aspect, similar to sexual frustration conflicts.

      Stress – Emotions and Thoughts:

      Anger about somebody who invades our territory, our own space or domain. Territorial anger conflict. Violation of the limits with a neighbor, rival, mate, co worker, etc. They are encroaching into my space. This is my emotional/physical space, this is me.

      Kerry to support your self-healing journey the mind-body-healing would be more about how you shift being affected by him. You would evolve in your perception and response to negative energy so not to take on so much of his stress.

      What percentage of his stress do you think you take on? How good are your boundaries with him? Can you have a sense of peace even if he is agitated? Would you say that if he is in a good mood then you are in a good mood? If he is stressed then you are too? If this is the case I would recommend reading the book The New Codependency.

      You can massively decrease your stress and increase your joy, health, vitality and well-being by educating yourself and implementing new strategies to heal codependency. If any of this is hitting home know that it is awesome to heal this area of your life! 🙂 I did and my life is 1000x better because of it.

  19. I’m 13 years old, and I’m only 5’3″. Is there any way to make me permanently grow taller fast? My friends are all 13 but they are 5’10” or so. My dad is only 5’6″ but I want to be taller… My goal is 5’10”-6’2″ If you could help, that would be great!

    • Heya John

      I had a friend who was around your height when he was 14 and he grew to be 6’1″

      Height is an interesting because it can effect how we feel about ourselves for sure. I am short so I can relate to how you felt! Curious being taller how would that make you feel? Would you feel confident? More powerful? More attractive? Figure out what being taller would give you – and then embody that energy. Be it on the inside first and as much as you are intending and visualizing to grow – equally spend time recognizing your strengths and gifts now. Are you funny? Are you more understanding of others pain? Are you a good student? Look at what your gifts are and really value your strengths.

  20. Hi Bella. I developed breathing issues mainly in the chest this april and was told it was due to seasonal allergies. I discovered that too much sodium made the problem significantly worse. I have since dropped my daily intake to around 700 mg/day with good success. I still have the breathing issue but it is so much better. But I still have the issue every day. Just on a much lower scale. Would love your thoughts on this.
    Thank you

    • Hi Freddie,

      Thanks for your questions. From a META-Health perspective the mental and emotional stress connected to the symptoms of difficulty breathing can be from several different organs. Does any of this land for you?:

      Respiratory – Bronchial Mucosa & Muscle

      Mindbody Stress:

      1. Territorial conflict/fear – The fear that one´s space will be or has been invaded
      2. Scare Fright, Speechlessness

      Emotions and Thoughts:

      1. Someone threatens to invade our territory.
      2. Being afraid, shocked, apprehensive, perturbed – I can’t express myself. I went speechless. I couldn´t say a word.



      Mindbody stress:

      Ability to get air in and out. Overload, overwhelm.
      Emotions and Thoughts:

      This knocked the wind out of me. This is a standstill. I don´t dare to breathe. I can´t breathe!


      Larynx Muscle

      Mindbody stress:

      Not being able or allowed to speak/shout/express oneself.
      The laryngeal muscles often co-react with the larynx mucosa in a scare-fright, speechlessness or territorial fear conflict.
      Emotions, Thoughts:

      Why can´t I utter a sound? Why don´t you let me speak? I must be silent. They don´t want me to express myself. My speech/sound is no good.

  21. Hi bella
    I am a 32 year old woman, that’s been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome for the past 4 years. I have experienced problems ovulating regularly with abnormal cycles. Along with hair thinning and hair loss. I’ve been told that I can heal or improve the way my body functions with the power of my mind. I am just not sure how to do that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Thanks for your question lovely.

      In working with your mindbody it is helpful to decode the body’s symptoms. From a META-Health perspective Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be linked to unresolved stress connected to:

      1. Traumatic Loss
      2. Argument with a sexual component

      Emotions and Thoughts:
      Highly emotional loss of child, partner, parents, friends or even pet.

      “It was devastating.” “It impacted me deeply.” “I am so sad.” “The loss is inconsolable.”

      What happened 4 years ago when your symptoms started? Did you loose a loved one or have a painful break-up? The key is to address the original stress connected to your body’s hormones going out of balance. Additionally, when I work with my clients 99.9% of the time the way they perceived the stressful event triggering their symptoms has origins that link back to childhood (which is often unconscious for most individuals)—to self-heal and bring your body back into balance I would recommend working with someone if possible. It is definitely favorable to have support when self-healing any chronic symptom. The uplifting piece in all of this is self-healing is a profoundly empowering, inspiring and rewarding experience.

      • Bella, you’re response makes more sense to me than you could ever know. My husband and I have struggled with infertility issues for the past 7 years. We have 3 beautiful boys with the help of fertility medication and procedures. 4 years ago I miscarried at 9 weeks a much eagerly anticipated baby that my husband and I conceived naturally out of love. This was our 1st and only baby not conceived in a sterile environment. I have a lot of anger, guilt and grief associated with this pregnancy. My older brother died suddenly in a car accident at the age of 16. I was 14. We were very close, and we had an argument right before he died. I said that I hated him, and I never got a chance to apologize to him. I never really processed this fully. I’m a positive person, so I repressed all of the sadness and guilt . It seems like now is the time it has resurfaced. Thanks for your help.

  22. I have had significant weakness in my legs when walking up stairs for about ten years and have been told by doctors to ” do some exercise to strengthen” . I have multiple brain lesions and have fibromyalgia. Recently I was also diagnosed with polymyositis. I’m quite nervous by this diagnosis because it is a rate condition and I am scared of becoming permanently disabled.

    • Hi thank you for your comment.

      Sending you healing light and strength.

      From a mindbody perspective – the muscular, nerve, lymphatic tissue, joints, weakness and chronic pain affect the Cerebral Medulla of the brain. The stress connection is being too hard on oneself, or not loving and valuing yourself enough. (With legs the metaphor meaning can be to move forward in life/to climb through adversity perhaps.)

      The core of not unconditionally loving yourself can go back to childhood and having a parent that you felt rejected, criticized, ignored, blamed or responsible for. (There can be more, but this is just to give you a sense that — whatever you perceived as a child can be linked to why you are overly hard on yourself today.) Scientific research is showing the body mirrors our thoughts and emotions.)

      A life-changing book I recommend on the power of healing and to love yourself unconditionally is: Dying To Be Me.

      Remarkable, remarkable story. It powerfully reveals what mindbody self-healing is about at the core.

      You are Unconditionally Love now and forever. It is about returning the very truth and value of who you REALLY are. You are made of Love. XOX

  23. Hi Bella I read a book called the Journey by Brandon Bayes you should check it out 🙂 it’s exactly what you said about healing your body with your mind, anyway I was going to ask something. Say if we have a virus or a cold or some serious illness is it possible to heal your body with your mind? I know thats dumb to ask ,but ive done research on how most of our physical ailments come from negative memory in our cells due to past events in our lives that are traumatic to us and store up in our cells manifesting into a physical sickness. Now sometimes obviously we get a cold or say a disease that we could avoid thats different,but we can still heal it correct?

    • Sounds like a great book!

      Research on the mind body stress perspective show that the body can not lie and it expresses it’s stress through specific symptoms. A common flu can be overworking oneself and the body is going into heal and repair mode. When we say I am ‘sick’ … from a larger perspective we’d actually realize I am healing … I was under stress or I over did it and now my body is healing itself.

      More serious issues have deep chronic patterns within the symptoms. For instance in anxiety people who grew up in an unstable or unpredictable environment with a parent they did not feel safe around, or if they had a parent that put incredibly high expectations on them and felt nothing they did was every good enough — this can lead to chronic anxiety later in life. (I see this as a repeating theme with my clients.)

      A book to check out on how specific stress leads to chronic disease and illness in the body is META-Health Decoding Your Body’s Symptoms:

  24. Hi Bella,

    For more than 7 yrs I am having problem regarding my excretory system. Whenever I have to go for passing urine a sudden urge comes before like I can’t control it for long time as normal people can do when required and so have to immediately rush to washroom and also after going for urinating it takes some time to empty my bladder like may be 5-7 minutes with interrupted flow. Same is the case with defecation as a sudden uncontrollable urge comes before going to toilet so I can’t wait for even 5 minutes if necessary. Also I had couple of embarrassing situations while out of house regarding defecation many years back and now this both problems. So I can’t get out of my house due to this. I have had check ups and there is no prostate problem, no diabetes, no BP, no urethral problems, no kidney stones etc. But the Dr. have suggested for urodynamics test for urinary bladder problem but I can’t go for that test as it is very far away from my city where the test can be done. As a result of this I am unemployed since many years. Please can you suggest some treatment for this? Awaiting your reply. Thanks.


    • Hi Anonymous,

      Reading this I am curious do you have back pain? Do you experience chronic tightness or stiffness along your spine? Curious — because if the nerves from your spinal cord to your bladder and large intestine are compromised in anyway (through impingements of the muscles and fascia or subluxations of the joints) this can affect your nervous system’s feedback to these elimination organs and effecting their function. From a meridian standpoint the Bladder Meridian runs along the spine as well, so if you have tightness along the musculature of your back this can interrupt that flow as well.


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