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Is Negative Self-Talk Making Your Stress and Anxiety Worse?

A lot of us try our hardest to eat healthy and work out because we know the consequences when we don’t.

But are we as health conscious in what we allow ourselves to think? 



To help put negative self-talk into perspective what type of unhealthy foods would you never eat?

For me this could be something like soda and Twinkies. If I steadily snacked on Twinkies all day long and washed them down with soda for one week or even one day…yikes I wouldn’t want anyone to be in a 50 yard radius of me…including myself! No matter how sane of a person I am, I’d be emotionally unstable if my blood sugar levels were that out of wack.

Yet what we think about and focus on equally elicits a powerful physiological, emotional response.

Do you ever worry for hours unnecessarily…and then feel exhausted afterward?

Do you ever run a story in your head and work yourself up into a right fowl state?

Because our thoughts are happening all the time throughout the day, we can easily be thinking unhealthy thoughts and not even realize it. And because what we FOCUS on directly triggers powerful emotions inside us, we can unconsciously get caught up in stress and anxiety without fully being aware of what started it all.

But what if we knew 30 minutes of unsensored, stressful self-talk was equivalent to eating unhealthy food? Do you think we might tighten the reigns of our mental wanderings a bit more?

Emotions                                           Thoughts                                              Food Equivalent

– Anxiety/worry        “I am scared the worst might happen.”            – Slurpee

– Anger                            “This is unfair. Life is too hard.”                             – Fries

– Depression                      “I suck. It’s hopeless.”                                           – Brownies


Ask yourself:

Are my unfiltered thoughts exaggerating things and making me feel worse than things actually are?

Am I steadily sipping on the ‘I’m not good enough Stress-Slurpee‘ all day long…and I don’t even realize it?

Now please know I am definitely not saying the solution is to just think positive all the time. Absolutely not. Number one, I don’t even think that is realistic or healthy, but I do think it is wise to be aware if your mind is putting you into an excessive, unecessary state of stress or anxiety.  Notice:

  • Do you feel overly stressed or anxious on a consistent basis?
  • If everything really is okay are you still burning yourself out by the end of the day?
  • If so, what is going on in your inner dialogue?
  • Do you easily slip into worry, stress and over work yourself? Why is that?
  • What is your anxiety and stress really about?
  • Why does worry take you over?
  • Where does it stem from?

Stress is a part of being alive—so my feeling is it is wise to use our stress in healthy, empowering and constructive ways—rather than be a prisoner to it.

First, we want to pull back and be aware that life does not have to feel overwhelming or worse than it really is on a regular basis. We can stop coping and address the heart of the matter by learning where our default, heightened worry actually comes from and what we can do about it.

The answer to changing our lives in truth, is an inspiring and empowering one and what I have dedicated my life to doing, but it is also a bit more in depth than I can do justice here. If you are interested in learning how to take your power back from your stress or anxiety, my book The Anxiety Solution is a clear, easy to follow guide to help you investigate and identify the core root of where your overwhelm and stress actually stem from, along with a workbook in the second half to teach you how to transform stress into your strengths. There is also a powerful belief-change technique that will help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind (a part of you that is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind alone) to upgrade disempowering, negative self-talk. If you are interested in talking with me personally, click HERE and we can set up at time to discuss what you have going on and how you would like to change your life.

I hope you found valuable insights within this article…take whatever resonates with you and leave the rest.


Bella xo



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