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Working with me you can expect to:

· Learn why you have anxiety and what stress is triggering your symptoms

· Address the root problem and get your life back

· Self-Heal your anxiety for good

· Replace debilitating anxiety with –

· Greater mental well-being of calm, clarity and confidence

· Revitalized physical health

· Deepened and strengthened spiritual well-being

· Improved personal relationships through better communication, connection, understanding, intimacy and healthier boundaries so you stop running yourself empty

· Improved performance in your vocation

· Reconnect with your joy and fulfillment in life

· Turn your anxiety into one of your greatest strengths by deeply learning how the unresolved stress connected to your symptoms was simultaneously preparing you for your purpose. My approach is an empowering process to support you to find the higher meaning within your past stress so that you may transform your anxiety into freedom, empowerment and confidence.


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Does this sound familiar to you?

· You are sensitive when you are around someone who is stressed, upset, angry or sad and it is hard for you to be at ease and not take on their tension

· You are a problem solver and know how to make people feel better, but this leads to taking on others problems in excess and leaves you feeling anxious, burnt out and overwhelmed

· You clearly see what others need to do to fix their problems but you have trouble focusing on yourself and fixing your problems that in truth need your attention

· You’ve put others needs before your own and eventually your health, finances, career, self-care, joy and/or well-being got compromised

· You don’t feel seen and appreciated for all that you do

· Your anxiety can grip you if people are upset with you or you are faced with a conflict

· You need to retreat from others to relax and refuel, but overtime this has left you feeling isolated and you miss out on having more joy and fun in your life

· You have trouble setting boundaries and saying no with certain people.

· Your partner has sometimes called you controlling or critical. (Even though this is not your intention at all – they’ve expressed feeling like nothing they do is ever good enough for you)

· If your partner or loved one acts disconnected this triggers you – you can wonder what is wrong and orbit around them trying to fix the problem.

· If someone you love is in a good mood you feel good. If they are not okay then you are not okay – in other words your peace is dependent on the outer world energies and moods.

· You tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself and can be overly responsible. (You attract partners who don’t equally show up with shared duties)

· It is hard to fully relax and let go without feeling guilty because you always feel the pressure of what needs to be done

· You may be a bit of a workaholic to avoid feeling what you don’t want to feel or deal with – in the long run this causes you to feel numb or joyless

· Being responsible and taking care of things is what you do best, relaxing or having fun and being care-free for too long can make you feel ungrounded

· You often feel like you never have enough time with your endless list of to do’s

· Life can start to feel grueling with too much work and not enough joy and time spent doing what you really love, or do you even know what you really love?


Benefits clients experience in working with me:

· Debilitating and chronic anxiety is resolved

· Replaced by deeper sense of self-love, joy and confidence

· Mental health improves dramatically

· Spiritual well-being deepens and becomes a source of joy, strength and fulfillment

· Physical health is revitalized and a new self-care program is created nourishing the individual for long term well-being

· Personal relationship improve through better communication and understanding of oneself and others — improving all areas of a relationship — joy, intimacy, communication, parenting, finances, shared goals, etc. (If a relationship has a major crack clients develop the strength and skills to learn the deeper Soul lessons with the relationship and through the process will have a wise perspective on how to move forward for their long-term highest good)

· Clarity on career and life purpose

· Due to greater health in all areas of life clients often report promotions, new job opportunities, raises, unexpected bonuses (this is not something I guarantee but it is a common trend I believe due to an increased sense of self-worth, confidence and self-love.)


How I help you get the results you are looking for:

· First I look at who you are on all levels and address your symptoms uniquely

· Together we will identify why you have anxiety (the hidden origin is always there). When you address the underlying problem you will be amazed at how much your life can change in a short period of time

· After 4-6 weeks my clients regularly report their anxiety going down on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the highest) from a 7-10 down to a 0-3

· I will help you to resolve decades of conditioned anxiety patterns keeping you imprisoned using a revolutionary method that powerfully supports you to take your deepest stress, pain and challenges in life and harnesses them into your greatest strengths. (Pain is a part of life, but it is learning to deal with stress in healthy, productive ways that is essential in healing your anxiety.) This is your life to live. You deserve to feel good and be healthy.

· In this process of self-healing you will discover that within your rawest challenges were simultaneously the makings of what you love and value the most in life. I can not understate how valuable this information is for the greater good of the entirety of your life.

· Once you resolve your stress you will learn new strategies, behaviors, habits, self-talk and actions that will give you a rich foundation from which to change your life

· You will learn how to create healthy boundaries in relationships with your partner, authority figures, parents, friends, colleagues, piers and children.

· You will learn how to stop taking on everyone’s stress and problems that not only bury you but also magnify your anxiety tenfold. (Anxiety is often tied with needing to help others and I will teach you how to shift this old, ineffective pattern guilt free and with grace and health for all involved)


How much is your health worth to you?

· How much is your mental health worth to you?

· How much would you pay to make your anxiety go away?

· How much would you pay to improve your physical vitality, improve your personal relationships?

· How much is connecting to your deep Soul purpose worth to you?



Client testimonials:


“I deeply believe that when the student is ready, the right teacher will show up. And Bella was the wonderful teacher I needed at the moment I was ready for a major change. She helped me think about my anxiety and my fears from a totally new perspective, and to use them as tools to grow and love myself. I’ve transformed my relationship with my body, my work, my house, and my family. I am more grounded, more loving, and I even have more money!”

G.M.  Product Designer – Oregon, USA

“Doing work with Bella was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had been struggling with some big issues, both emotional and physical, for a long time and had and a lot of self-doubt. Bella helped me realize that a lot of my strengths come from the challenges I’ve had. The benefits were evident after the first session. I was surprised that a shift could take place so quickly. It was a whole new way of looking at and dealing with negative experiences in my life. This experience was so positive and truly transforming. Bella is definitely a hero in my book.”

P.B. Teacher – Colorado, USA


Book a 15 minute complimentary consultation:

Your life and well-being are very important to me. I have dedicated my life to helping individuals find new, empowering, enlightening and effective ways to self-heal their anxiety. If you would like an inside out approach to get to the core root of your challenges and you intuitively desire a process that is life-changing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually then I would LOVE to work with you.

My sessions are done over the phone or via Skype and I work nationally and internationally. In this consultation we will discuss exactly what you have going on, what you are struggling with and how you want your life to change. I will also share my techniques and how I get the results you are looking for.


To Book Your 15 minute Complimentary Consult:

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I look forward to speaking with you!


Sending you love and strength on your self-healing journey,




Paul Coelho


I help people with:

· Debilitating and chronic anxiety

· Adrenal fatigue

· Conflicts in relationship and patterns that trigger anxiety

· Anxiety with confidence, self-worth and finances

· Anxiety and codependency

· Perfectionism and burnout

· Chronic Stress

· Loss of joy and purpose in life

· And more – contact me for questions


 “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” ~ Hippocrates