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What You Seek Is Seeking You


“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi


It is a fresh start. A new year. And it feels like 2014 is going to be a really good one.

Why do I feel that? Because it seems to me many people, myself included, are ready for a big shift this year. Many people I know have been working hard, putting in the time, energy and effort. We have been patient…and now things are in place for fruition. Our goals and deepest desires are ready to become actualized in huge, life changing ways – THIS YEAR.

I am not talking about a new years resolution that would be nice. I am talking about something much bigger. This Desire runs deep in you. It moves your Soul.

I am curious what calls out to you every day? What do you really really want on a Heart level?


Because this isn’t just your Desire. Your Desire is a part of something bigger than yourself. And it is seeking you too in equal measure. You and your desire are a team.


It wants to come into fruition just as much as you want it to. Your desire is not separate from you. It is calling out to you to make it real…where do you think that deep yearning comes from? It’s expression can only exist through you. 

Whether it is a new job, a healthy relationship, having a baby, empowering your finances, starting a new business, getting strong, fit and healthy…your desire is a part of something bigger than yourself. A new job or project will greatly impact those you work with, a new relationship is a unique expression that can only be created between yourself and another (and that other is seeking you too), having a baby is a Soul wanting to have you as his or her parent.


What you seek really is seeking you too.


If you are ready for your deepest desire to be experienced this year – set your Mind, Heart and Soul on it. Know it is wanting to become real just as much as you do. Feel it, own it and know it with clarity. Claim it with confidence.

Because you are worthy of it coming real. You are worthy to receive it.

I don’t know about you but I think life on this planet is RARE, mysterious and incredibly profound. We are rotating around a Star traveling 67,000 mph. We are breathing rich, life-giving oxygen, drinking water, and experiencing consciousness. This isn’t woo woo – your life is a miracle. And if you have been blessed with the miracle of life then of course you are worthy to be blessed with experiencing your deepest Desires. Ask yourself – “Will my Desire benefit others when it comes to pass? Who else will have their lives enriched?” If your desire arises from a Heart level… I can bet your Desire benefits others as well. What you want on a Soul level is also connected to the greater good in some way. So don’t minimize yourself or play small. Now is the time to rise up and meet your journey. For:



Let’s make 2014 a year for the memory books where we look back and say – that is the year when I chose to stop playing small and living in fear – when I chose with courage my Hearts True Desires and took action by all means necessary to make them come true.

Happy New Year my friend! Time to rock and roll.



Bella xo

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