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What can you do about the accumulation of Stress in your life?

There are new highly effective methodologies  to dissolve the overload of stress in your life quickly and effectively. The truth is too much stress can weigh you down, create conflicts in relationships, disrupt your sleeping, cloud your thinking, deflate your joy, keep you stuck in negativity and cause numerous health problems. So why is it then that the most common strategy to dealing with stress is to just cope with it? “Let me just get through this day. I gotta make it through this week…After this year it will be better.” At the end of the day you might just have enough energy to turn on the TV and switch off your brain, or have a nice glass of wine to decompress! I am not saying this is bad! But overtime this strategy doesn’t actually resolve the problem and can easily make things worse in the long term.

To learn how to deal with your challenges effectively, it is important to understand that your stress is not random. It is rooted in specific patterns. In all of my research and 12 years of working with thousands of clients I can guarantee you 99.9% of the time – stress is not random! Which means there are fast and effective techniques that can help you find solutions, rather then spend days, weeks or years stuck in a problem.

So how do you dissolve challenges in your life quickly and effectively? Below is a short video introducing how you can learn to clear the accumulation of your stress.

Learning to ask yourself life changing questions that help you discover the beneficial opportunity that exists within every challenge, will help you to grow and develop in ways you might not presently be able to fathom. Just know that when your mind links meaningful benefits to challenging circumstances in your life, you create a powerful shift in your perception, which opens the door to an effective way for dissolving your stress and gaining your joy of living and health back.

Lets quickly get clear of signs and symptoms of too much stress. The modern day world has practically camouflaged these problems as being acceptable!

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping, daily anxiety, feelings of depression, frequent conflicts  with your partner, kids, parents, friends or professional relationships, mental and physical fatigue, physical pain, headaches/migraines, digestive problems, challenges with your kids, feelings of grief or a feeling of lack of purpose and happiness, as well as other many other health problems. It has been scientifically proven that 85%-95% of all diseases are linked to stress.

If you are struggling with any of the symptoms above, know that your mind, emotions, body and spirit are signaling to you that you are carrying too much unresolved tension in your life. You truly don’t have to cope with unhealthy levels of stress on a daily basis. You can free yourself from the intensity of your inner tension when you truly see how challenges are serving a deep and meaningful purpose in your life. The truth is, stress isn’t only a bad thing. It is a beneficial force that creates movement, growth and meaning when you know how to use it! You can’t escape challenges in your life so it is wise to have effective strategies to turn any adversity into healing, empowerment, clarity and purpose.

If you have a specific challenge you are stuck on and you can’t even begin to imagine how there could possibly be any positives connected to it, you can leave a comment below or send me an email privately … and we can take a look to get you on a roll of seeing healing purpose in your life. 🙂

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

– Dr. Viktor Frankl

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