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The 25 Hour Day ~ 6 Tips to Create More Time

Ever wish you had more time to check everything off on your to-do list, finish up a project, sleep in, be with your kids, spend time in nature, take a yoga class, have a dinner party or maybe just relax and do absolutely nothing? ūüôā

Time is a funny thing. It is your invisible companion that asks a lot of you everyday.

The 25 hour day means you can effect time. Your stress can rob you of time if you are ungrounded, unfocused and overwhelmed. Have you ever noticed that if you are running on Anxiety or Stress that the pulse of your day¬†becomes one where you are constantly trying to catch up and it feels like you always have more to do? Or you have to spend extra time rechecking and correcting mistakes because you are not totally focused and are doing things a bit rushed?¬†In this state time doesn’t always feel like it is your friend. On the flip side, have you noticed that when you take a few minutes in your day to get clear and grounded you find a flow¬†and get a lot more done…and you enjoy your day more? When you are centered it is much easier to be open-hearted and present with people and grateful for the little things and the big things in your life. (Isn’t this what life is more about? To enjoy it rather then rush through it in frantic state of unease?)

Here are 6 Easy Tips to help you get more grounded and tap into the extra dimensions of time and space physicists talk about…where maybe time slows down and you can actually get more done. ūüôā

1. Write a list of what you need to get done the night before. Get the corrosive, nagging to-do’s out of your head and down on paper. Get CLARITY and know what you have to do so you can wake up with a plan already guiding you in a more grounded way. Time feels like it slows down when you are more grounded. It speeds up when you feel frantic.

***When you wake up in the morning create a moment to take in a few really nice deep breaths. Before jumping up into ‘doing mode’ think about what you are grateful for in your life. Feel the gratitude fill your heart and body before your feet even hit the floor. Now what is your intention for the day? How would you like to feel for the day? Confident? Grateful? Focused and present? Clear and constructive? Upbeat? “Don’t sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things” George Carlin motto?

2. PRIORITIZE your list. Which ones are top priority that require your definite focus and attention? Which to-do’s will make you feel the most relieved and empowered when you tick them off and accomplish them?

3. They say highly successful people build successful habits. One of these common successful habits is getting the hard, stressful tasks out of the way early in the day. For two important reasons. One you have fresh energy earlier in the day, and two you don’t WASTE energy thinking about needing to get it done and feeling the pressure and anxiety of not doing it. Eventually you are going to do it anyways so don’t put yourself through hell and back – just take the emotion out of it and get it done. You will feel 100x better when you do. In fact you will probably feel energized and empowered.

4. Say empowering, grounding and empowering statements as reminders throughout the day: 

  • “I am brilliant at what I do and I produce excellent work.”
  • “I focus and take massive effective action.”
  • “I love myself.

If you are on your own team you are much more likely to have confidence, not second guess yourself and produce higher quality of work…which are all essential ingredients to getting things done more efficiently.

5. Communicate and have healthy boundaries. Learn to say NO when you need to without feeling bad. You know what you need to get done and if someone is being a time vampire respectfully set your boundaries and find a diplomatic way to say…oh Hell no!

6. If you are feeling really stressed and ungrounded – take 5 minutes to stop and create a change of state:

Find a place you can do 50 jumping jacks or scissors (see video below) and then try this quick 3 minute grounding breath meditation. This can be done in the bathroom at work for privacy if need be.

 * * * Bonus Reminder РStay on high priority actions and train yourself TO BE ON YOUR OWN SIDE. Criticizing yourself puts you in stress mode where time mysteriously disappears into the ethers of a parallel Universe. Affirm self-worth statements and watch your confidence strengthen and your actions become more effective.

I hope you found this helpful!


Bella xo

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