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“I had always been an anxious person who worried about anything and everything in my life. Before I started working with Bella, I was having panic attacks every few hours, every day. I was constantly terrified, and had unsuccessfully tried anti anxiety medication which helped only minimally.

I found Bella’s website and contacted her in desperation, hoping but not really thinking that there was anything out there that could really help me. She assured me that she could help, and I went through her 6 week program, and it has changed my life.

I am now happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and my whole outlook has changed. I haven’t had a panic attack in months, and I no longer worry about things incessantly. People tell me that they can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I would have never thought that it was possible to be this happy, relaxed, and hopeful. Things that used to completely rattle me and send me into a spiral of anxiety barely touch me now, and I’m able to work through challenges in a thoughtful way, then move on and not sit around worrying about what did happen or might happen. I can’t thank Bella enough for all that she has done for me, and I have complete faith that she can do the same for others as well.

Thank you Bella for helping me have a wonderful life, something I never had before.”

R.D. Speech Therapist
Denver, CO

“I deeply believe that when the student is ready, the right teacher will show up. And Bella was the wonderful teacher I needed at the moment I was ready for a major change. She helped me think about my anxiety and my fears from a totally new perspective, and to use them as tools to grow and love myself. I’ve transformed my relationship with my body, my work, my house, and my family. I am more grounded, more loving, and I even have more money! “

G.M. Product Designer

Oregon, USA

“My anxiety came from feeling like nothing I did was ever good enough. I felt overwhelmed and was on a constant treadmill of trying so hard, but then feeling like I was a failure. I couldn’t even recognize how much I was doing because I was so caught up in the anxiety of never being good enough. I was high strung but did not want to be, but this was my only way of doing things. Even if I tried to relax I still was anxious with all I had to do. I was amazed with the effectiveness of Bella’s approach. Finally I understood why I was doing what I was doing and the work we did together to address the root cause of my stress has been invaluable to my life. I am so grateful to Bella for her persistence and understanding of what I was going through. I highly recommend working with her if you have anxiety! It is a much deeper more meaningful healing than I can express with words.”

R.B. Business Owner

“I had the pleasure of meeting Bella Dodds in the midst of yet another level of spiritual growth. Universal Energy spoke to me so clearly one day to start a conversation about Love. Three months later I was Skyping back to back interviews with healers like Bella about love. The more love I was surrounded by the more depressed I was getting. Granted I hide it well, but on the inside my frustrations were mounting.

Bella really spoke to my heart in such a profound way that for the first time – eighty or so interviews in, I sought professional help. I very much agreed with her that I had “intellectualized” my past. Sure, dad was a jerk, Nana was cruel, Mom was torn in the middle, but I didn’t have gratitude that what I experienced was Love; tough love. And had it not been for those people and the dynamic of our relationships I would have never set on the path I am now.

Bella shed so much light to me, so much wisdom and was so very caring. I am forever grateful to her because now, more than ever, love makes sense to me!”

Lauren Herrera Love is a Verb podcast

“I have worked with Bella addressing various personal blocks that have existed in my life. The biggest turning point came when I addressed the levels of anxiety I experienced on a daily bases. Other kinds of therapy did not seem to change how I was feeling. I have not come across such a dramatic shift in resolving the battle I encountered, than I did with Bella and her use of the Demartini Method and Meta Medicine. Bella is able to intuitively assess what tools are needed to assist you, as well as injecting humor into her sessions. I could not recommend working with Bella more highly.”

M.S. Pilates Instructor


“Last year I was facing one of the most challenging experiences of my life. A co-worker and good friend recommended that I contact Bella Dodds to help with my transitioning from a company that I had worked with for 30 years. What I received from my work with Bella was something that I had given up on many years ago and was not seeking when I made initial contact, and that was happiness. I think it is helpful to mention that I am 62 years old and had pretty much settled that the life I was leading was as good as it gets. Although I had many wonderful things and people in my life including a great career, I also have had my share of pain. In retrospect, I held on tightly to myself as a way of protection against situations that at my core I felt emotionally ill equipped to handle. I see things very differently now.

“Working with Bella this past year has had a profound effect on my life. She is a treasure to work with. I am forever grateful for her non-judgmental counsel and insights. I had been unable to sleep well for 10-15 years averaging 2-3 hours of broken sleep each night. Bella helped me to find the cause of my insomnia and in a short amount of time, I feel as if a weight has been lifted. I now sleep 5-7 hours straight through the night, and through her healing methods, I feel I can now experience the joys and pain that come from fully participating in life in a healthy way. I am very much looking forward to my future. I am sure I’ve never felt this way before.”

S.F. Former CFO
New York

“Doing work with Bella was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had been struggling with some big issues, both emotional and physical, for a long time and had and a lot of self-doubt. Bella helped me realize that a lot of my strengths come from the challenges I’ve had. The benefits were evident after the first session. I was surprised that a shift could take place so quickly. It was a whole new way of looking at and dealing with negative experiences in my life. This experience was so positive and truly transforming. Bella is definitely a hero in my book.”

P.B. Teacher

Colorado, USA

“Bella presented an amazing workshop which helped me to connect with my inner self and intuition. I arrived feeling stressed and exhausted and I left feeling re-energized and calm. Bella exudes a peaceful, unhurried energy in her teaching which helps her students feel at ease. Her vas subject knowledge meant that I came away with more tools than I was expecting. Thank you Bella Dodds!”

G.K Business Owner

“I have never worked with anyone who approached my anxiety the way Bella did. She made it so simple for me to understand. Since working with Bella my anxiety is no longer something that runs me. I feel I have new control over my thoughts and reactions and the Demartini Method work was nothing short of exceptional. If I feel any old patterns come up, I know what to do to stop it right then and there. I also no longer have to eat unhealthy food or chill out for hours to try and calm my energy down. I am in control of how I get through my day and how I manage my mental energy.”

L.R. Full time Mom

“Using the Demartini Method with Bella helped me to see my life, my power, and my purpose in a way I never had before. I have since quit my job, and started working with kids earning almost 3x what I was before, as well as developing an International website for suffers of anorexia and bulimia.”

M.C. Youth Coach

“I had great anger and hostility toward my Father, but after Bella’s workshop now I have love and appreciation for myself and my Father, with clear insight into my life’s purpose and path. Thank you for helping me to open my eyes to appreciate my life and family.”

E.R. Art Gallery Manager

“Working with Bella has been a pleasure. Very personable and down-to-earth, but also the most effective at helping to relieve anxiety and insomnia (and I’ve tried everything from herbals to dietary changes to pharmaceuticals to battle the latter). I was only able to get from 5-7 hours of sleep at night before coming across highermindhealth.com, but now it’s 8-9 hours a night. My energy levels have gone up a lot too! Thanks Bella!”

S.V. Home School Teacher and Mom

Texas, USA

“The Demartini Method and Meta Medicine helped to rapidly and effectively identify the root of my physiological issue that was causing severe chronic back pain that I have struggled with for almost a decade. I am grateful to say that the pain in my back is gone. I highly recommended working with Bella.”

D.W. Graphic Designer

“The effects of Meta Kinetics are powerful in very subtle ways. I had a complaint that I could not label except feeling a certain level of tiredness. But as the session progressed Bella was able to, through reading my body and it’s reactions to certain questions, haul out precisely what was a huge source of stress. Afterwards having undergone the process of revealing a certain point of stress in my body…and in understanding the source of stress, I felt very different. I felt lighter and more present and calmer. I became aware in hindsight how my body was holding certain difficult issues which I couldn’t seem to process by myself. The process is without pain or stress. It is very gentle and the sense of transformation is clear.”

N.D. Artist