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Master Your Emotional State

Today I want to share a technique that can powerfully assist you when you get stressed and suddenly find yourself boiling in a mental stew fest.

Oh the joy and flavor of mentally stewing…!

To avoid the trap of such unproductive and unfortunate tangents (that I am sure you would much rather bypass) I’d like to explore the antidote to this emotional quicksand by helping you elevate into your Master Emotional State.

You might have heard circling the ethers on the web the idea of picking a word for 2015 – I’d like to up the true power of this by referring to it as your Master Word … which in turn helps you to elevate and center into your Master Emotional State.

To give you a sense of the power of this your Master Emotional State will be the working solution to challenges that you face – big or small – by helping you shift out of a disempowered state of stress, worry, fear, frustration, burnout and overwhelm into a feeling of power, playfulness, strength, presence, curiosity, willingness, love, clarity, courage and/or confidence. You can think of your Master Word as the energy that can actively teach you in the moment (or on the fly) how to elevate your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses when you find yourself spinning out in stress or anxiety.

In essence, your Master Emotional State is the antidote to help you overcome and find your way through your challenges most effectively by elevating you into a higher more powerful, resourceful state of consciousness.

To figure out your Master Word – you can use the questions below to help you tap into the core areas of stress and Achilles Heel weakness that you want to overcome and master this year.


  • First

What is a repeating mental and emotional stress in your life that shows up on a regular basis? Pick one of your biggest challenges and get clear on what the problem is. Are you having challenges communicating with loved ones, feeling bottlenecked by all you have to do, do you lack confidence, do you struggle with conflict, are you afraid of failure or rejection?? What is your area of weakness?

Name it to get your power back form it.

Now how do you respond when you are in this stress state?

What do you default into feeling and thinking? Feel this stress in your body now. How do you feel? What is your posture like? How capable do you feel to take on your challenge or problem?


  • Second

What would you love to create, do or achieve this year? What would you love to experience or accomplish?

Now go deep, be vulnerable and honest with yourself. What fear is blocking you from taking consistent, massive and effective action? What fear is your Mt. Everest?


  • Third

Now for your Soul-tion.

When you are in this all too familiar state of stress – what Master Word (that is the antidote to your stress) could call the best from you and elevate you into a more powerful, positive emotional state? 


  • For Example

One of my challenges is having a lot to do and wearing a variety of hats for the many different areas of my life.

As an antidote to this in 2015 I am actively working with the word: Heart

For instance, if I start to find myself feeling overburdened with a massive list of to-do’s or timid in taking action I consciously work with the energy of Heart to transform my state of being.

For me, Heart embodies many levels. It automatically helps me anchor what is most important to me, while powerfully connecting me to my bigger why. What does my Heart yearn for? What is it hungry for that is deeply, passionately calling out to me? What action must I take to honor this inspired calling?

My Heart also connects me to the grace of a much bigger truth…the truth that we exist on a rare, beautiful, life-giving planet circling a star somewhere in an inconceivable Universe. Shifting from my mirco-world worries to a big picture truth immediately elevates me into a different state of consciousness connecting me to spirit and reminding me of what is really important and how I want to take action, connect and serve others and live my life.

It is easy to get swept up in the pace, responsibilities and challenges of living and start taking life for granted. It is all too easy to default into taking each day for granted and assume that I am going to live till I am 100 years old – but the truth is this is not an absolute guarantee. There is no definite promise that today won’t be my last day – so in the face of this truth how do I truly want to live my life – each day – now – this year? Do I want my mind to run the show or my courageous, wise and powerful, loving Heart? How do I want to serve? What do I want to guide my actions and visions? How do I want to courageously honor and obey the call of my Heart?

Do you see how different the effect of one word can be? The meaning within a word can completely shift your state of focus and being.

When meditating on your Master Word know there is no one right word and it may take you a few days to discover what word is best for you this year. I originally played with having my word be Focus and I tried it for a few days and it didn’t fit. It was a little too serious for me and not powerful, inspiring or fun enough (I felt my lower mind rather that my spirit). I tried Fun as well, but it wasn’t grounded or concentrated in effective, purposeful power.

Heart came through and it hums and enlivens me like a sun reaching out to all areas of my life. It feels inspiring and I actively want to work with this sacred energy.

To compare – last year my word was Confidence. This word was powerful because as I was writing The Anxiety Solution, it was at times a raw and vulnerable experience at times. If I got stuck in writers block – I actively used Confidence to remind me of the reasons of why I was writing it and who I might be able to help. It gave me the courage to not to let anything keep from reaching my publishing date in 2014. Consistently working with the word Confidence empowered me to take massive action with a quite, definite focus.

So you can see – each year can have a very different energy and area you need to master.

  • Now You 🙂

Ask yourself: What is a struggle in my life that I need to consciously and actively work with to bring my strength and mastery to? What emotional state of stress, anxiety, frustration, sadness or fear do I need to elevate by actively anchoring a higher state? What word could help me shift into my Master Emotional State?

Now to make this REAL and not just ideal let’s get you into your body and help you anchor your positive, resourceful emotional state.


  • First

What is an area of emotional stress or weakness for you? When you are stressed what do you default into feeling and thinking? Let yourself feel this shitty, disempowered state that happens a lot more often then you would like.

How does it make you feel? What is your posture like? What do you think about when you are in this stress or frustration? How capable do you feel to take on your challenge? How beneficial is this state consciousness?


  • Now

Access your Master Word. (You can play with a couple to see which one is the strongest antidote to your stress.) Anchor this word by embodying its energy – its meaning. Feel how different your Master Emotional State is. Notice does your posture change? Do your thoughts change? Are you more poised and powerful? Do you feel more capable? Does this feel like a higher, more resourceful, positive state?


  • Test’er Out

Let’s test your Master Word.

First, go into a neutral state (neither stressed nor empowered so we can test to see if you are on the right track with your word).

Second, think of something in your life that is stressful or is challenging you.

Now in this stressed state use your Master Word to elevate you into your Master Emotional State. Almost as if you were drinking a tonic – instead of the disempowering emotions of overwhelm, worry, fear, resistance, procrastination – your Master Word is your tonic that shifts you into a powerful, centered, positive state.

As you shift into this empowered state notice does your posture change? Is your thinking different? Do you feel more capable to take action and proceed? Is your thinking more clear and focused? Is this a more resourceful state that you would like to call upon throughout the day to take wise, effective action from?


  • Play

Now play with this. Use it.

If you are truly being honest with yourself and working with your area of weakness, your Master Word is something you will be working with everyday to help empower this weaker area in your life…until it becomes your strength. And just imagine if you work with your Master Emotional State the impact this will have in your life over the next 12 months and beyond.

The power and intention of one word can be a micro shift in perception that can have a massive, life-changing effect on every area of your life.

If you have any questions leave a comment below – or if you would like accountability on doing this exercise you can leave your Master Word as a comment below 🙂

Here’s to you, your Master Emotional State and a healthy, vibrant year!

Lots of Love,

Bella xox

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  1. Hi. I am a 53 year old recently divorced mother of four boys. I have tremendous anxiety and very resistant depression. I would like to stop taking medications, but I feel SO much worse when I don’t take them. Moreover, I have several issues going on at once. It is the divorce and dealing with my ex and his gf, I have hypothyroidism and Hashimotos disease, I am smack center of menopause and hormonal issues and I am struggling with empty nest syndrome as two of my four boys have moved out of state. How can one word deal with this myriad of issues? I tried “capable” but it doesn’t do it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jill,

      Sounds like you are in a painful growth period of life that is incredibly challenging – I am sending you love and strength.

      When shit hits the fan like this – my advice – and what I have done when everything seemed to have gone out from under me – is to surrender. Know that it actually takes a great deal of strength to do this because you move from resistance into the strength of acceptance and ask yourself empowering Soul level questions: What do I need to learn from all of this? Why is this nightmare happening? What is my Soul wanting to teach me? Where can I start to take care of myself better? Have I been giving, giving, giving and not receiving equally? How is this new start in my life an opportunity? How was I unfulfilled or unappreciated in my marriage? Was I investing too much energy into someone who didn’t appreciate me? Where can I now put my sacred energy and actually get a return on my investment? What kind of woman do I want to be now?

      A word might be:

      Heal, Transformation, Courage, Empowerment or Yes

      Or a Phrase: Time to change my life

      In relation to your anxiety – do you get triggered by others? Do you constantly have your feelers out to try to make sure everyone is okay? If they are okay – you’re okay? If they are in a mad mood is it hard, if not impossible for you to be at ease? If so, contact me about this as I am going to be running webinars on this topic – it comes up for all of my anxiety clients so I want to make it easier for others to learn new, healthy strategies for life in boundaries with others.

      I am not a doctor so I can’t comment on the medication, but what I can say is you want to focus on the reason why you have anxiety. My book The Anxiety Solution offers an in-depth read on helping people to understand why their bodies are creating symptoms, the origin of the underly stress connected to their anxiety and what to do about it through a step by step guide. Know that when you address the core problem your life can change in profound ways.

      I know everything you are going through is brutally hard, but know this nightmare is pushing you to heal on the deepest level of who you are.

      It is a doorway into lightness, empowerment, freedom, joy, new beginnings and self-love if you address the core issues. The bigger the pain you experience the greater the healing and hidden catalyst in your life.


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