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How To Reduce Anxious Thoughts In 2-5 Minutes

In our fast-paced society we need simple and proficient tools to help bring us out of stress and back into our calm wisdom.

In this week’s video you will learn a simple mental exercise to reduce your anxious and depressive emotions in 2-5 minutes.

I personally use this for myself and find it invaluable.

What I love most about it is that it brings me back into my wisdom quickly and powerfully. After a few short minutes I am calm, clear and in my center ready to move forward from there.

You can use this exercise on any stress that is mentally and emotionally running you – anger, sadness, worry, overwhelm, loneliness…




Quick Overview of the Steps

Step 1:

Stop and take a step back

Step 2:

Write down what you are telling yourself

Step 3:

What is the origin? Where did this train of thinking arise from?

Step 4:

What is the truth? What is the larger perspective of reality?

Your highly emotional and charged mind will run a one-sided extremely negative story.

Truth time!

From a higher, centered perspective what is the truth?

Write a counter-balance statement discrediting the severity of the old story you were telling yourself with a new statement that is derived from wisdom taking into account the larger reality.

*** If you are struggling with creating a counter-balance statement try imagining your friend having this problem. How would you console them? What would you try and help them to see?

Step 5:

Repeat! This exercise only takes a few minutes. The more you do it the easier it gets so repeat when needed.

Come back into your center and wisdom and cultivate being the captain or CEO of your own life—not the wandering human mind that is constantly defaulting into fear, worry and lack.

Practice coming more from your love and wisdom and less from your fear and pain.


I hope you found this quick and simple exercise helpful for you!


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


In Health,

Bella x

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  1. Thank You, very helpful as always.

  2. Your guidance leading us back to our own innate wisdom – even in a crisis state – is a powerful reminder of the tools we carry with us wherever we may be …
    Excellent closure with Robbin’s quote – so true. Thank you for sharing it!


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