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Free 21 Day Mediation with Oprah and Deepak

Oprah and Deepak are hosting another free 21-Day Meditation starting today! I am still feeling so peaceful and centered 5 hours after my mediation. The intention for this 21-Day mediation is Finding Your Flow. I like to think of it as aligning with Grace and allowing yourself to receive the flow of Life that is all around you. If we block out this support we feel depleted and burnt out more easily. But what we focus on grows, so if you take a few minutes early in your day to focus and attune to the greater expanse of energy giving you life…you open your days to allow Grace to support you more. (I find beautiful opportunities flow my way when I am aligned in this state). This is also a great meditation experience to invite your family and friends to. My mom, dad, brother and grandma will be doing it together. Last time it was just me and my mom, but we loved it so much we invited others we thought might benefit.

I feel there is something about Oprah and Deepak’s Mediation practice that is really supportive. I am not sure if it is because there are millions of people around the world participating in the same mediation together, if it because I feel supported by two people I love and respect and I feel safe allowing them to take me on a sacred journey or if this type of mediation is just a perfect fit for me, but I certainly am noticing it to be very easy and peaceful with definite effects carrying me throughout the day.

Finding Your Flow I think will be incredibly helpful for those of you who feel stressed, overwhelmed or struggle with anxiety or insomnia.

Click here for the Free 21-Day Mediation with Oprah and Deepak if you would like to try it too and fill yourself up with self-love, calm and equanimity. At the end of the 21 days I’ll write about it again and maybe we can share our experiences together. If you know a friend or relative who would greatly benefit please pass this along and share this free gift and opportunity with them as well. (If you are visiting the blog months after this post I think you can still click on the link and sign up for their next 21-day mediation series or try Googling to see when their next event will be).

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