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The Solution to Burnout

Week 1 one we got clear on how you can get stuck in this Burnout Cycle:


Now lets talk about the Solution!

Stress is obviously a part of life and because we can’t migrate to the Land-of-Ease…we humans, like computers need to upgrade our own software and download the latest 2014 Stress Samurai. It may sound like I am joking and partially I am, but we need to do something to process stress better and match the fast-paced demands of the 21st Century because as our world is rapidly changing in amazing ways, it is simultaneously pushing our stress levels to the max.

The Center of Disease Control stated that there is an 85% emotional component within all illness, which means having healthy and effective ways of processing stress is vital. Coping like we did back when life moved more slowly isn’t a viable or wise option. Now I don’t bring this up to scare you, but I think it is really important you know the truth, and I don’t know how else to write about it accept to be honest. It is the truth and it needs to be talked about not for only solving burnout, but also for your quality of life and as a means of preventative measures to support your long-term health. Learning how to process your stress supports your happiness and your future – addressing your burnout is really a doorway into the whole spectrum of your life.

So let’s get to it then because in truth this is a beautiful opportunity. Not one that you have to fear or feel burdened by. Resolving stress and upgrading how you deal with challenge is actually a deeply rewarding, uplifting and fulfilling process.

First You Need To Self-Reflect:

  • How well do I process stress when shit hits the fan?
  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being high) what are my stress levels on a typical day?
  • When I feel stressed what is my common inner dialogue? How hard am I on myself?


Second How Are You Perceiving Your Challenges?

The first thing when I work with clients is find out what their biggest life challenge is and how they are perceiving their challenge.

Why? Because HOW you perceive your challenge provides a vital clue. It accurately points to unresolved stress from your past skewing your perception and intensifying your current stress.

I am 100% certain about this. I have seen this cause and effect pattern over and over again.

When stress hits and throws you into a tailspin, it is also simultaneously alerting you to an Achilles Heel weakness of unresolved stress holding you back in life and making your present stress feel more extreme and unmanageable. (In other words it makes your challenges 10 x harder than need be).


Third Step Is To Clear Out Old Stress Skewing Your Perception:

A study out of UCLA estimated that you average 70,000 thoughts per day. Your thoughts reflect your perception, and how you perceive a challenge directly effects what you think and feel about it. The KEY to solving burnout is to self-heal past stress skewing your perception and causing you to experience challenges in a more stressful, reactive way. Clearing old stress is getting to the root that fuels the burnout cycle.

I am certain about the importance and value of clearing outdated reactionary patterns of how you respond to challenging situations, so that you can process stress in a completely new way. A more empowered, wise and effective way. And clearing out the old makes changing this deeply ingrained pattern a natural process to shift, not one that you have to fight against.

Here is a short video to explain a bit more of what I mean:


A few examples to uncover the underlying theme within your stress:

If you have a hard time setting boundaries at work and kicking people out of your office because saying no causes you stress…why is this? Why is this a challenge for you? Rather then identify that this is your personality get curious about it. Where does it come from?

If you struggle having a lot of demands thrown at you and you beat yourself up and lack self-confidence in your work and performance…why is this? Why are you so hard on yourself? What is really causing this?

If you are working hard and feel like people are not respecting you and feel you are being treated unfairly…why do you feel this way? Is this a repeating theme of some sort? Do you feel this way a lot?

Knowing your Achilles Heel Stress tells you exactly what you need to resolve, grow through, learn from and rise above. When you do your life changes in profound and inspiring ways. What once was a limitation and struggle now turns into a great strength where you free yourself and replace being haggard with strength, peace and confidence. This is a much better way to live and it is also much better for your health.

I have seen it time and time again. There is actually a 2014 Stress Samurai program…it might not yet be available in the form of an app, but it is available in the form of coaching.

I hope this was helpful for you! If you have any questions and want to learn more about how I can help you resolve your stress, anxiety or burnout please click HERE and set up a time to speak with me personally for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.


In Love and Health,

Bella xo


Bella Dodds is an Integrative Health Coach trained by the International Association of META-Medicine based on 40 years of scientific research understanding how stress creates disease in the body. Bella has 15 years experience and a unique and highly effective approach to getting to the root of the underlying problem. Click HERE if you would like to speak with her personally.

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