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The Anxiety Solution


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The Anxiety Solution was written to help bridge the gap between anxiety, health, science and consciousness. In this book you will learn that anxiety is not a weakness or mistake of your body, rather that your symptoms are a specific biological response to stress trapped in your body and mind. Using the tools in this book you will no longer have to feel powerless or panicked fearing that you will have to cope with anxiety for the rest of your life, rather you will be guided to investigate and uncover why you have anxiety in the first place and what you can do about it. In this book you will:


  • Decode your body’s symptoms and uncover what specific mental and emotional stress is at the source of your anxiety
  • Learn about META-Health and how stress impacts your physiology, mind, emotions and spirit simultaneously, and how your stress triggers an organ-brain-relay response that can be seen on a brain CT scan
  • Learn how your limiting beliefs are massively holding your back in life, keeping your trapped in anxiety and what you can do to upgrade your beliefs, change your life and empower your health
  • Master your ability to turn some of your greatest emotional stress and trauma into your greatest strengths and gifts using a workbook provided in the last several chapters
  • Resolve your anxiety form the inside out by discovering a revolutionary method that helps you dissolve your stress and replace your fear, worry and pain into calm, confidence, purpose and wisdom.
  • Learn specifically how to build your self-worth, self-love and inner confidence to empower a healthy relationship with yourself and everything you do in life

What readers have said on Amazon:

“This is the closest book I’ve read to be anywhere close to a solution. It has so much information (I love science) that a person would be unable to finish the book without learning something new. I love this Revolutionary Guide, it has helped me immensely. Just apply yourself, it’s not that hard, This is truly worth the read you will not be sorry, you will actually wish it had come out years earlier. Love yourself take care of yourself. Namaste!” – USA

“This book has been like a glowing light in the darkness! Bella’s book has helped me through a difficult time in my life for which I am very grateful for. Bella writes with such understanding and really helped me understand where my anxiety was stemming from and how to deal with it. I feel so much more positive, less anxious and inspired.” – UK 

“This is a great book whether you know you have anxiety or not. It treats anxiety in a positive way, challenging the reader to look upon it as a symptom of something going on in your life that needs to be addressed. The author becomes a trusted companion who walks you through a method of doing this. I think this book was a great find.” -USA

“Bella Dodds writes with clarity, purpose, poise and compassion – the book is a magnificent addition to everyone’s essential mental health library.” – UK

The Butterfly Story


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The Butterfly Story teaches through a lyrical tale of adventure of a young caterpillar who goes on a quest to discover who she really is. Along her quest the caterpillar encounters challenging experiences that teach her to not give up and believe in herself and that each challenge was necessary to help her to transform into who she was born to become ~ a butterfly.


Parents looking for books to share empowering and positive stories with their children will enjoy reading this adventurous tale with their children that teaches them that they too have unique and rare gifts to share with the world, and that sometimes in life they will encounter challenges, but not to fear for within each challenge is a hidden gift and opportunity helping them to grow stronger.


What readers have said:

“I learned to never say never because you can do what you want to do you just have to believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself.” 

~ Morgan, 4th Grader

 “What I got from reading The Butterfly Story was confidence. For example when the caterpillar was going up the tree she kept on singing that she can do it. I learned if you have confidence you will see the world at a new level.”

~ Gisely 4th Grader

“The rhyming made the story really fun to read. AWESOME STORY! I think the message is even if you go through hard times it is definitely worth it! Thank you for coming to our class Bella!”

~ Olivia 4th Grader

“The Butterfly Story is brilliant! It is an inspiring journey of love, growth and transformation that will benefit all who read it. Thank you Bella for helping to make our world a brighter place! Keep Shining!”

~ Laura Duksta
New York Times bestselling author of I Love You More and You are A Gift to the World