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Anxiety, Boiling Emotions and the Solar Eclipse

Have you been experiencing heightened anxiety or tension headaches in the last week?

Do you feel raw boiling emotions brewing just underneath the surface? Are you overwhelmed with not only the rising tensions in the world, but also with your own life’s pressures and seeming unending to-do’s? Or are you having increased arguments with your partner, kids, family members or co-workers?

If so, please know this is not just you and if you are experiencing any of the above my advice would be:

Instead of strongly identifying with your intense emotions and acting on them, it is wise to consciously practice doing the opposite and be as centered and calm as possible.

We are in what you could call an astrological storm with the Solar Eclipse coming up on the 21st of August (this one happens to be stronger than others we’ve had over the years). Right now is unwise time to overreact and run wild with your emotions—it is best to be present and hold to center and let the gravitational pressure release after Monday. I received many responses from my last newsletter from people who were feeling the intense energy of the Lunar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse is equally as intense, but instead of making people feel anxious, tired and deeply sad—it seems overall to be making people more anxious, irritated, overwhelmed, fed up or intensely angry. (For many who are sensitive and intuitive you may be feeling it more than most.)

So my advice is —your primary job through Monday is to be as calm and rational as you can—don’t overreact and default into worst case scenarios thoughts and let your emotions get the best of you.

A Quick Analogy On How To Ride The Intensity

A couple of years back, I was learning how to surf in Hawaii, and I learned a beautiful lesson which parallels what we are all experiencing right now…

In the ocean waves come in sets. Anywhere from sets of 3 to sets of 10 or more (meaning waves come into the shore back to back). You don’t ever know exactly how many waves are in a set, but what you can know is that the sets will come in— sometimes with great fury—and then they will flow back out into the sea leaving a gap of calm and peace afterward.

As a surfer it is essential to know this because if you are stuck in the break zone—the last thing you want to do is overreact and panic.

In fact, the absolute worst thing you can do is have a freak out!

The safest thing to do is to remain as calm as possible knowing that the set will pass and there will be a period of peace again.

However when you are in it—you are in it.

Freaking out or trying to control the uncontrollable will quickly make the situation worse. The key is stop yourself from panicking and consciously calm down by taking deep breaths, staying present, anchoring into your inner power, trusting that you will be okay (even though it is really intense and scary) and diving beneath the crashing waves all the while knowing:

‘This too shall pass.’

Having observed lunar cycles for over ten years—I will tell you we are definitely in a big set right now. It might get worse or it might stay at this level, but whatever it will be, it will be intense. So the best thing you can do is to stay as conscious and present with yourself and others as possible. (And if possible avoid bickering over little things, as it will most likely intensify into something much bigger.)

Another great aid during this eclipse cycle is to take extra time everyday to connect inward and strengthen your spiritual energy. With the unpredictability and heightened conflict going on in the outer world, if you take time to be more connected and grounded within yourself, you will surf the waves much better at this time. If writing in your journal helps—do that more. If dancing, yoga, hiking, reading spiritual books, laughing with friends, screaming into a pillow or meditating are your medicines—take extra time for them. Just know your Soul can handle this storm and on a higher level the pressure is asking each of us to come from love and wisdom in the face of great challenges. 

My last bit of advice is don’t just read this and then forget about it 5 minutes later. : )

Keep reminding yourself…at the surface the storm is most severe and volatile, but if I dive to the depths there is a calm, steady, quite peace waiting for me.

Sending love and inner calm your way,

Bella xo


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  1. Thank you for sending this out Bella! I have had a headache for a week, am snapping at my kids, and crawled back into bed today because I could not deal :). But I talked myself out of my funk, and am trying to stay centered. Your article is giving me both a reminder and strength to ride this out 🙂

    • So grateful to hear this information was helpful for not only you, but then also your beautiful kiddos! That was my hope that I could support at least one person through this pressure cycle we are in. The energy is basically taking an average stressful situation and turning it into something that feels 10x worse than normal – good to know this too shall pass. 🙂


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