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An Essential Step In Self-Healing Anxiety

Do you get anxious dealing with the constant uncertainties and stressful events happening everyday in the world and in your life?

If so resisting these daily unknowns will intensify your anxiety tenfold because the anxious mind deep down is constantly wanting to feel safe and secure in a reliable environment.

Yet life by it’s very nature is unpredictable.

If you put your primary anchor of security in the outer world you will constantly be at the mercy of the natural fluctuations happening everyday and the inescapable lack of control against these unknowns will heighten your anxiety dramatically—leaving you depleted and beat up at the end of each day.

In this weeks video I share a topic I often speak about with my clients and it is an essential step in self-healing your anxiety. Instead of seeking certainty in an uncertain world I invite you to connect with a constant source of strength inside yourself and actively create a powerful anchor within that you can rely on.

What would happen if you took time each day to fill up with strength in a way that had absolutely nothing to do with the outer world?


If you have any questions and are not 100% clear on the exercise please leave Q’s in the comments below. 🙂

Sending you love and strength for your self-healing journey,


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  1. Thank You, helpful as always.


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