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In this session we will:

  • Investigate the specific, unresolved stress triggering your anxiety, and uncover what is keeping your body stuck in a fight, flight, freeze cycle.

  • Explore what is involved in my 6-Week Program and how I help people self-heal from the inside out.

  • See if my approach is inspiring and feels like the right fit for you.
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    New Year’s Special!

    Begin my 6-Week Program by January 31st and receive a FREE webinar teaching you a powerful technique to calm your anxiety down in under a minute.

    Value of this 90 minute webinar: $150.00!

    Make 2018 a life-changing year!


    What is in my 6-Week Program?

    1 Hour Investigation Session: 

    We will uncover the unconscious stress patterns triggering your biological symptoms. Your body is not weak—there is not something wrong with you—you have anxiety for a reason. In this one hour session we will get to the root of the problem.

    Weekly Transformation Sessions 90mins – 2hrs: 

    Each week you will work through the layers of the specific, unresolved stress triggering your anxiety. We will address the root problem and clear what is keeping you stuck in a biological response of fear. For example, your nervous system could be locked in a chronic pattern of anxiety if you grew up not feeling safe, or if you braced yourself against a parent who was critical, had a bad temper or if you were bullied at school. You can’t change your past, but you can harness any past stress and turn it into your greatest strengths.

    The root problem is always there and we will find what it is for you.

    The transformation healing sessions are a deeply rewarding, life-changing process that will help you to replace unresolved fear, chronic worry, resentment and pain with courage, wisdom, love and confidence. You will experience healing on the deepest level of who you are and the results will benefit and reverberate into every area of your life, supporting you to self-heal your anxiety from the inside out.

    My program is unique in this way, as I am not giving you exercises to manage or cope with your anxiety. The program is dedicated to empowering you to change your life by addressing the root problem. Then from here you will learn additional, life-changing tools that will bring serenity, confidence, self-worth and deep joy to your life.

    * * *

    “I had always been an anxious person who worried about anything and everything in my life. Before I started working with Bella, I was having panic attacks every few hours, every day. I was constantly terrified, and had unsuccessfully tried anti anxiety medication which helped only minimally.

    I found Bella’s website and contacted her in desperation, hoping but not really thinking that there was anything out there that could really help me. She assured me that she could help, and I went through her 6 week program, and it has changed my life.

    I am now happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and my whole outlook has changed. I haven’t had a panic attack in months, and I no longer worry about things incessantly. People tell me that they can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I would have never thought that it was possible to be this happy, relaxed, and hopeful. Things that used to completely rattle me and send me into a spiral of anxiety barely touch me now, and I’m able to work through challenges in a thoughtful way, then move on and not sit around worrying about what did happen or might happen. I can’t thank Bella enough for all that she has done for me, and I have complete faith that she can do the same for others as well.

    Thank you Bella for helping me have a wonderful life, something I never had before.”

    R.D. Speech Therapist
    Denver, CO

    Transform Relationship Dynamics That Trigger Your Anxiety

    This part of the program is life-changing as a large part of your anxiety is connected to your interaction with others. Here are just a few big takeaways:

    • Create healthy boundaries with others to stop absorbing their stress and problems.
    • Freedom from being compelled to being the problem solver for everyone—especially at the cost of your own well-being.
    • Decrease arguments and conflicts in relationships through improved communication by understanding your unconscious fears (and others).
    • Free yourself of needing the outer world or others to validate your worth.
    • Stop beating yourself up by having to have everything done perfectly.
    • Put your personal needs first instead of last and experience how doing so creates a win-win for everyone.
    • Stop hurting and deteriorating the quality of your life moment to moment by trying to control the uncontrollable.
    • Improve your health and increase your joy by taking better care of yourself every day.
    • Retire the never ending, urgent to-do list—there is a much better way!


    To Help You Create Healthy Habits You’ll Have Worksheets To Help You:

    • Learn centering exercises for when you get triggered and respond to life’s challenges in new, effective and grounded ways.
    • Learn practical tools to plan your day so you can stop living each day being run by a constant sense of overwhelm and urgency.
    • Discover how to reel in your worst case, anxious thoughts with calm, grounded wisdom and insight.
    • Avoid burnout by tracking your self-care every day.
    • Instead of burning yourself out learn how to connect with your innermost Self and tap into an eternal energy source available to you.
    • Let go of living in a constant doing-mode and instead, connect and feel the beauty of the life within and around you.
    • Deepen and develop gratitude and purpose in your life.


    MindBody Healing Technique: 

    Learn a profound technique to connect with your body’s symptoms and access the unconscious stress held within your physiology. This empowering technique will help you to heal the fear and pain hidden deep within your anxiety so that you can be free!


    Receive Weekly Encouragement Emails:
    You’ll receive a weekly email tracking your progress, as well as to give you a boost of support.


    Email Access: 
    If you are faced with a challenge, question or need guidance in between our sessions you will have email priority access with me.


    * BONUSES *


    Lifetime Access to 6 Human Needs Private Coaching Video: 

    One of the world’s leading coaches, Tony Robbins, sought after by world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, developed a profound understanding of the 6 Human Needs. Using this technique, you will discover a new strategy to positively rise up to any challenge with strength, courage, wisdom and confidence. It changed my life to learn this empowering tool and I use it every day. You can go back to the video whenever you need a refresher on this powerful understanding of what drives all human behavior.

    Guided Meditation Mp3 Download:

    A key piece in healing your anxiety will be increasing your sense of self-worth, confidence and self-love. This meditation will help you connect to your innermost Self and the healing, unconditional love available to you at all times.


    What’s The Next Step?

    You can set up a 15-Minute complimentary consultation with me and together we will talk about what you have going on. I can answer any questions you may have and together we can see if my program is right for you.

    Please contact me by using the form below.

    (Make sure to put in your correct email address or I won’t be able to email you back.)


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    How can you expect your life to change?

    When you stop spending 90% of your energy working against yourself and start using your sacred power in a positive, effective way you will:

    • Self-heal your anxiety from the inside out and live, be, breathe and respond in the world with revitalized strength, trust in life, grounded confidence and inner poise.
    • Learn new, empowering ways to process daily stress that brings out the best in you.
    • Stop overreacting to stress and respond with wisdom, courage and confidence.
    • Improve and transform relationships with better communication, greater authenticity and heart to heart connection.
    • Revitalize your energy and health on all levels.
    • Powerfully deepen and strengthen your spiritual well-being.
    • Stop being run by the need to control the uncontrollable—develop an inner trust in yourself and in life.
    • Loose the blood, sweat, tear approach and let grace in.
    • Reconnect with your daily joy and fill up with simple pleasures that make your life’s journey fun, rewarding and fulfilling.
    • Improve your performance and confidence at work.
    • Embody your true self-love and self-worth.
    • Many clients experience an increase in finances as they increase their self-worth and channel their energy in positive, effective ways. This is not a guarantee – yet it is not uncommon.
    • Harness your pain into purpose and have greater clarity on your life’s calling.
    • Be free from the pain of your past. (Yes this is 100% possible when you harness your pain into a higher purpose that empowers and inspires you.)
    • A great many more benefits will be illuminated to you as you work through the process…


    What Is Your Anxiety Costing You?

    How much is your anxiety costing your health, relationships, confidence and joy in life?

    How much would replacing your anxiety with confidence, strength, richer relationships, revitalized energy, joy and a deeper connection to your life’s purpose be worth to you?

    If you could get rid of your anxiety how much would it be worth to you?

    * * *


    “I deeply believe that when the student is ready, the right teacher will show up. And Bella was the wonderful teacher I needed at the moment I was ready for a major change. She helped me think about my anxiety and my fears from a totally new perspective, and to use them as tools to grow and love myself. I’ve transformed my relationship with my body, my work, my house, and my family. I am more grounded, more loving, and I even have more money!”

    G.M. Product Designer
    Oregon, USA


    “Doing work with Bella was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had been struggling with some big issues, both emotional and physical, for a long time and I had a lot of self-doubt. Bella helped me realize that a lot of my strengths come from the challenges I’ve had. The benefits were evident after the first session. I was surprised that a shift could take place so quickly. It was a whole new way of looking at and dealing with negative experiences in my life. This experience was so positive and truly transforming. Bella is definitely a hero in my book.”

    P.B. Teacher
    Carbondale, USA

    * * *

    WHY NOW?

    I had anxiety for years too so believe me I do know what you are going through. I know how debilitating it is. It was ruining my life bit by bit. Truthfully, I would loved to have had this program for myself—I would have saved myself years of worry lines, unnecessary hell and having all of my efforts seem to work against me.

    When I tell people I use to have anxiety they often say: “You ‘use to’ have anxiety. I didn’t know you could ever fully get rid of it.” Then they want to hear more.

    If  you are ready to change your life starting this month you can set up a no obligation 15-minute complimentary consultation. Together we’ll talk about what you have going on and I will help you identify the origin of your anxiety. Then we can explore if my program is right for you.

    Please contact me by using the form below.

    (Make sure to put in your correct email address or I won’t be able to email you back.)

    You don’t have to suffer or cope any longer and you certainly don’t have to try and figure it out all by yourself.

    I’ve been there. Let me help you save yourself months and years of unnecessary pain and debilitating worry.

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    Sending you love and strength on your self-healing journey.

    To 2018 being a life-changing year!

    Bella xo


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